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The 3rd Korea-Japan International Symposium on
Materials Science and Technology 2016 (KJMST2016)

DATE @November 15(Tue)`18(Fri), 2016
VENUE @Hotel Hyundai Gyeongju (Jade Hall, B1F), Gyeongju, KOREA
ORGANIZER @Materials Research Society of KoreaiMRS-Kj, The Materials Science Society of JapaniMSSJj

November 15 (Tue)
@@17:00-18:30 Registration
@@18:30-21:00 Welcome Reception

November 16 (Wed)
@@09:20-09:30 Opening Remarks
@@09:30-10:00 Opening

@@--Session Chair : Prof. Do-Kyun KWON (Korea Aerospace University, KOREA)--
@@9:30-10:00 [Keynote I] KJK-1
eMaterials Engineering of functional thin films deposited onto polyester film substratef
Prof. Satoru IWAMORI (Tokai University, JAPAN)
VP of the Materials Science Society of Japan
@@10:00-10:25 [Invited] KJI-1
eCu based inorganic thin film solar cells with earth abundant materials; Cu2ZnSnS4, Cu2SnS3f
Prof. Jin Hyeok KIM (Chonnam National University, KOREA)
@@10:25-10:50 [Invited] KJI-2
eNew sterilization technology by using active oxygen species, and its application: -Cellular adhesiveness of polystyrene surface modified via active oxygen exposure-f
Prof. Kei OYA (Seikei University, JAPAN)
@@10:50-11:10 Break

@@--Session Chair : Dr. Masahiro TOSA (National Institute for Materials Science, JAPAN)--
@@11:10-11:35 [Invited] KJI-3
ePiezoelectric Single Crystal Fiber Composite for Magneto-electric Harvestingf
Prof. Dae-Yong JEONG (Inha University, KOREA)
@@11:35-12:00 [Invited] KJI-4
eMicro/nanostructuring and surface modification of silicone rubber by vacuum UV laserf
Prof. Masayuki OKOSHI (National Defense Academy, JAPAN)
@@12:00-12:25 [Invited] KJI-5
eUnderstanding Ion Transport in Polymeric Energy Materialsf
Prof. U Hyeok CHOI (Pukyong National University, KOREA)
@@12:25-14:30 LUNCH

@@--Session Chair : Prof. Dae-Yong JEONG (Inha University, KOREA)--
@@14:30-15:00 [Keynote II] KJK-2
eAtomic Layer Deposited Gate Spacer for New Memory Devicesf
Prof. Hyeongtag JEON (Hanyang University, KOREA)
1st VP of the Materials Research Society of Korea
@@15:00-15:25 [Invited] KJI-6
eProperties of spin-coated alumina passivation films for silicon solar cellsf
Prof. Ryosuke WATANABE (Seikei University, JAPAN)
@@15:25-15:50 [Invited] KJI-7
eThe New Finding of the OER Activity Descriptorf
Prof. Shigeto HIRAI (Kitami Institute of Technology, JAPAN)
@@15:50-16:10 Break

@@--Session Chair : Prof. Masayuki OKOSHI (National Defense Academy, JAPAN)--
@@16:10-16:35 [Invited] KJI-8
eAn new iron-based superconducting wiref
Prof. Yoichi KAMIHARA (Keio University, JAPAN)
@@16:35-17:00 [Invited] KJI-9
eFlexible Thin Film of Epitaxially Grown Functional Oxidesf
Prof. Hiroaki NISHIKAWA (Kindai University, JAPAN)
@@17:00-17:25 [Invited] KJI-10
eUltra-sensible fiber based sensors for wearable electronicsf
Prof. Taeyoon LEE (Yonsei University, KOREA)
@@17:25-17:30 Session Closing
@@18:30-21:00 KJMST 2016 Dinner

November 17 (Thu)
@@--Session Chair: Prof. Shunkichi UENO (Nihon University, JAPAN)--
@@09:30-09:55 [Invited] KJI-11
eDevelopment of high strength glassceramic material for recycling of steel industry wastesf
Prof. Woo-Gwang JUNG (Kookmin University, KOREA)
@@09:55-10:20 [Invited] KJI-12
eThermal behavior and mechanical properties of Y2SiO5 coatings for gas turbine applicationf
Dr. Byung-Koog JANG (National Institute for Materials Science, JAPAN)
@@10:20-10:35 Break

@@--Session Chair: Prof. Hyunjoo CHOI (Kookmin University, KOREA)--
@@10:35-11:00 [Invited] KJI-13
eInterface stabilization for C/C-SiC layered composites by placing carbon-rods arrayf
Prof. Do-Kyun KWON (Korea Aerospace University, KOREA)
@@11:00-11:25 [Invited] KJI-14
eSmall Gas Turbine Generator with use of ZnO Coated Ball Bearingsf
Dr. Masahiro TOSA (National Institute for Materials Science, JAPAN)
@@11:25-11:50 [Invited] KJI-15
eDevelopment of chrome free corrosion resistance conversion coating on zinc platingf
Dr. Kaori URASAKI (Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, JAPAN)
@@11:50-13:20 LUNCH

@@--Session Chair: Prof. Suk Bin LEE (UNIST, KOREA)--
@@13:20-13:45 [Invited] KJI-16
eSynthesis and Characterization of Ag doped SiO2 Particles for Antibacterial Applicationf
Prof. Dong Sik BAE (Changwon National University, KOREA)
@@13:45-14:10 [Invited] KJI-17
eCrystallization of Glass with Ln2Si2O7-mullite Eutectic Composition Prepared by Rapid Quenching and Sol-gel Methodsf
Prof. Shunkichi UENO (Nihon University, JAPAN)
@@14:10-14:35 [Invited] KJI-18
eAnnealing-induced hardening in Al/nano-C compositesf
Prof. Hyunjoo CHOI (Kookmin University, KOREA)
@@14:35-14:55 Break

@@--Session Chair: Prof. Yoichi KAMIHARA (Keio University, JAPAN)--
@@14:55-15:20 [Invited] KJI-19
eManagement of CUI Generated in Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Industriesf
Prof. Yuji KIMURA (Kogakuin University, JAPAN)
@@15:20-15:45 [Invited] KJI-20
eMicro-mechanical deformation mechanisms of Ti alloysf
Prof. Tea-Sung (Terry) JUN (Incheon National University, KOREA)
@@15:45-16:10 [Invited] KJI-21
eCharacterization of bicontinuousmicrostructures from a diffusional Monte Carlo simulationf
Prof. Suk Bin LEE (UNIST, KOREA)
@@16:10-16:30 Photo Time / Session Closing
@@17:00-18:30 Break
@@18:30-21:00 Banquet & Poster Session
@@(19:00-21:00) POSTER SESSION
eCharacteristics of zinc-containing nanoparticles prepared via laser ablation in liquid and application for biomedical polymer nanosheetsf
M. Q. Hafzan ISHAK (Tokai University, Kanagawa, Japan)

eCharacteristics of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Prepared via Laser Ablation in Liquidf
Jasun KOO (Tokai University, Kanagawa, Japan)

eTransport property of layered oxychalcogenide for thermoelectric materialf
Satoru KATSUMATA (Keio University, Japan)

eFormation of TiO2 Nano-dots in Silica Glass and Its Applicationf
Shunkichi UENO (Nihon University, Japan)

eEffect of plasma treatment on polymer surfacef
Takatoshi TAGUCHI (Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, Japan)

eTheoretical and experimental approaches for crystallographic stability of LnFeAsOf
T. HIBINO (Keio University, Japan)

eHomo-epitaxial growth of single crystal B-doped diamond on HPHT diamond substrates using mode conversion type microwave plasma CVDf
Tomoya SAKUMA (Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan)

eAdsorption properties for low molecular weight volatile organic compounds in fluorocarbon thin films deposited onto quartz crystal by an r.f. sputtering and spin coatingf
Yasutaka OHNISHI (Tokai University, Kanagawa, Japan)

¦ The KJMST 2016 poster presentations will be held in a joint poster session with the 2016 MRS-Korea Fall Conference Poster Presentations

November 18 (Fri)
@@09:00-18:00 Excursion (International Participants)
-World Cultural Heritage & Historic Places in Gyeongju Area-
@@18:00 Closing of KJMST 2016

Congratulation !!

Best Presentation Awards

@M. Q. Hafzan ISHAK (Tokai University, Kanagawa, Japan)
@eCharacteristics of zinc-containing nanoparticles prepared via laser ablation in liquid and application for biomedical polymer nanosheetsf

KJMST 2016 Call for lecture

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